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Full functionality for sales order and customer account management

Provides full functionality for sales order and customer account management from desktop, iPhone or iPad.

  • Sales reps only see their own accounts

  • Team leaders and managers can access all accounts across their team members

  • Reps can edit their own personal info

  • ‘My Accounts Comparison’ button generates a graph of sales performance over the last 2 years

  • Customer accounts can be searched alphabetically, by Visual World ID or by key attributes

  • Product menu allows searches by Visual World ID, keywords, description, varietal, appellation, wine region or pack size

  • Orders menu displays sales orders in process, completed orders, samples orders or unsubmitted web orders.

  • Invoices menu provides choices for viewing open, closed or all invoices. An invoice report can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis

  • ‘Check for Back Orders’ button displays list of all previously backordered products that are now available for shipment.

  • Sales order entry screen displays product ID, description, vintage, pack size, qty available, status (out of stock, available, etc) frontline price and summary of any deals containing that product

  • Fully customizable messages can be added for display on the rep/team home page.


The Sales Rep Portal Home Page:


My Accounts Comparison Graph:

Backorders Ready to Ship page:

Order Entry Screens:

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