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Full Accounting Suite

The Visual World Platform has a full accounting suite, including A/R, A/P, G/L and a variety of reporting capabilities. The system is built on a "T" Ledger model, providing a fully transparent and audible accounting system.

Accounts Receivable

The management of outstanding receivables is fully integrated from order entry through credit and collections.

  • Customer terms can be configured to match state laws and/or your own credit rules

  • Automatic routing of orders to A/R Department for review if necessary

  • Shipments automatically held until credit restrictions are lifted

  • Journaling Engine tracks transactions on a line-by-line basis

The Accounts Receivable Standard Desk


This desk contains most of the Visual World objects associated with accounts receivable and provides access through workspaces to the other more specialized templates.

The Org A/R Summary template displays the current status of a customer account:


Accounts Payable

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Inventory/non-inventory A/P

  • Comprehensive A/P reporting

The Accounts Payable standard desk:


This desk contains most of the Visual World objects associated with accounts payable, including trays, calendars and multiple reports.

The A/P Voucher template:


General Ledger

  • Fully customizable Financial Reporting Tool produces income statements, expenses and balance sheets


Standard Desk model for the CFO:


Multiple trays, calendars, reports and workspaces provide a financial overview of the entire company.

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