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The Product record is the foundation for the system

Product Card is extremely extensive, with three separate sections: General, Markets and Purchasing

  • General pages contain tabs for packaging, related products, price plans, deals, multiple warehouses and sales history

  • Markets pages contain tabs for market areas, allocations, reservations, restrictions, price filing and compliance

  • Purchasing pages contain tabs for costs, by-the-glass and wine list placements, purchase orders and forecasts, receivers, transfers, inventory levels and new product setup

  • Links from product card include: vendor, brand, appellation, wine region, country of origin, varietal, vineyard/flavor, vintages, retail incentive programs, reorder worksheets, related web pages, tax jurisdictions, FOB locations, receivers, vendor returns and customer returns.

  • General info fields include: description, pack size, vintage, vendor, vendor brand, producer, producer brand, reporting brand, brand manager, bottle size, case size, product type, vendor item number, ABV, proof, wine type/color, COLA/TTB number, checkboxes for discontinued, unavailable, etc, primary purchase method, and more.

The Product Management Desk:


The main tab page of the General Info pages of the Product Card:

The Purchase Orders/Forecast tab of the Purchasing Info pages of the Product Card:

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