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Routes and stops can be set up as needed and rearranged as required.

  • Routes are assigned to customers and are automatically linked to the sales orders from those accounts.

  • Routes can be cut off at any time for manifest printing.

  • A route can be reopened after cutoff if there are multiple runs of that route in a day.

  • Multiple delivery days can be assigned to a route.

  • Routes can be linked together in route groups for order processing.

  • Delivery notes can be attached on a route-by-route basis.

  • Route stops can be rearranged when necessary.

  • All manifests linked to a particular route can be viewed from the route template.

This is the Routing and Delivery Desk:

This desk contains the templates, trays, calendars and reports needed to manage both in-house routes and those routes handled by Roadnet.


This is the Trucking tab of the Route template:

The Customer Stops tab of the Route template:

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