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Visual World is a distributed team of top end professional business people and technologists. We seek the best and the brightest to be a part of our growing team. You'll join a world-class team that is hungry, full of knowledge to share, and will result in a career-defining experience. We like big thinkers with small egos who believe in our goal to build a uniquely impactful, long-lasting tech company.

From an engineering perspective, we’re programming in Python, HTML, CSS, and AJAX.  Our back-end applications are programmed in Basic (easy to program and understand) which works with the front end to render in AJAX. What sets us apart is our team and great business object technology. Our intelligent approach takes everything to the next level. Our platform puts all the right tools at your fingertips no matter if you're on the computer, iPhone, Android, or tablet. Our vision is to fundamentally change forever how businesses execute their processes and interface with their suppliers and customers.

What we look for:

We are looking really smart developers. Years of experience are not a concern, as long as you know what you are doing. People who dream in code, and want to be a part of the future of the internet and technology. Everyone that works on the team must have great communication skills and be exceptional at what they do. A big plus for us would be experienced with YUI or other Ajax based environments. If you are ready to work with some really great developers, on the next great business platform, then this is the opportunity for you.


Python/JavaScript Programmer


  • Extraordinary software engineering talent.

  • Have written 50,000 good-looking lines of code.

  • Before that, have written 50,000 lines of code that you're embarrassed by.

  • Know all that stuff they teach in college CS that most people forget.

  • Can write idiomatic Python.


Experience and education

  • Minimum of 5+ years experience with Python,  HTML5, CSS3, object-oriented JavaScript, DOM scripting.


Front End Developer
  • Build cutting edge websites and web applications

  • Drive innovation by coming up with new and exciting ideas to creatively solve issues

  • Collaborate with marketers, designers, and developers in a fast paced environment

  • Proactively look for opportunities to improve the design, interface, and backend of our website

  • Work with marketing leadership and others to create beautifully simple technical solutions



  • Expert knowledge of turning wireframes and mockups into HTML / CSS with a working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator

  • A passion for design, user experience, marketing, and information architecture

  • Understanding how to fine tune a user interface and measure the impact on behavior

  • You get how the mobile experience differs from the experience on a desktop

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills; ability to work well as an individual and within a team


Experience and education

  • Minimum of 2+ years experience with HTML5, CSS3, object-oriented JavaScript, DOM scripting, and jQuery

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